Poole Over Fifty-Fives

What is PO55?


PO55 was formed following a survey of older people by Poole Borough Council to establish whether an Older People's forum was wanted. 170 people responded. The results were:

  • 59% of membership of other groups (e.g. U3A) do not use these groups to raise concerns about the area they live in
  • 80% felt that a forum would benefit older people and 78% would use it to raise local concerns
  • 62% said they would attend such a forum and 91% would want information from the forum if they could not attend
  • 20% were willing to help organise a forum and 22% willing to be a trustee

The survey and the success of the AGM and events held to date has signified a proven need for the group, and the Council themselves have put effort into getting the group this far. Now that it has been established, it is important that it becomes independent of the Council, and able to be sustainably operated by the trustees and supporters.

PO55s was officially formed as a membership organisation with a simple constitution on 14 July 2016. Trustees are to be elected by members and current trustees are:

  • Vickie Campbell (Chair)
  • Gillian Gregory (Treasurer)
  • Christine Finlay
  • Angela Warren
  • David Darling

To date the group's activities have centred on running quarterly information events for organisations to make local people aware of their activities. The infographic below shows the highlights of what we achieved in 2017.

What's Next For PO55?

Following a highly successful year last year which included a very gratefully received grant from the National Lottery Big Fund PO55 plan to expand their reach even further, to achieve this as well as hosting more events they are also launching social media pages (Facebook) to keep people up to date.


Residents of Poole will remain active and engaged citizens in later life, increasing their quality of life and contribution to the community.


PO55s seeks to be a conduit between people over 55 and the voluntary and statutory sectors of Poole, empowering those people to realise their value, influence local society and develop a stronger community.

We will do this by:

  • Providing channels for a 2 way flow of information between organisations providing services and people over 55.
  • Gathering opinions amongst those over 55 in Poole to inform statutory and voluntary sector developments.
  • Identifying areas of need in service delivery and encouraging local providers to fill these gaps.


The trustees have highlighted the following activities, which will meet these objectives:
  • A PO55s website with information links and updates on events and current activities
  • A quarterly newsletter with the above information
  • Quarterly information events
  • Surveys on key issues locally
  • Training of local people to be ambassadors in their localities
  • Identification of key long term projects to be initiated by local service providers
  • Promoting planning for active retirement

There is no charge for membership, and we meet regularly throughout the year. We are always looking for help! If you would like to find out more, please contact Vickie:

Tel: 07927 012556

Email: pooleover55@gmail.com

Full Of Life Day

"Another great event held by PO55 at The Spire in Poole. An excellent attendance with guest speakers from Cyber Crime of Jake Moore, Monique Munro giving an excellent speech on the War on Waste and explaining how we as a community can save those extra items to recycle and directly contribute to the various collecting locations throughout Poole. Refreshments were available during the morning event of which almost 100 people attended with a great selection of exhibitors"

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